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What if we used
our SKILLS to


We strive to produce products that will change the world. Our vision is to make an impact on a global scale and we will stop at nothing to achieve it.

The Tide That Lifts


"We have the skills to make this world a better place. It's up to us to put them to use."

- Daniel Hindi, Founder

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What we DO

Madain Corp has a long history of creating COMPLEX, SCALABLE, and SECURE systems that disrupt industries through innovative technologies. We're able to do all this while keeping projects LEAN and ON TIME, maximizing ROI.

Madain LABS, the R&D arm of Madain Corp, brings together VETERAN product architects and engineers who PUSH THE BOUNDARIES of technology to create digital products with a HIGH IMPACT.

We're always finding innovative ways to serve our users and communities leveraging large anonymized data sets and AI modules, we're able to PREDICT future events that can have a significant impact on the world. By solving one problem, we unlock the solution for MANY others.

Modern Architecture


To accelerate the advent of sustainable global systems through open, transparent, and intelligent systems.

VR Goggles


A world where crucial data evolves from descriptive to prescriptiveMorphing data to knowledge, then wisdom.

All Hands In


Do the greatest good with what we have. By building systems that make a difference.

Product Categories

We're not just creating products, we're creating a FORCE OF CHANGE. We're committed to crafting products that have an impact beyond their mere functionality. Our team is utilizing the latest technologies, including cutting-edge ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, to bring these experiences to life.

Our products have a range of applications, from MILITARY and defense to EDUCATION and HEALTH and wellness. We've poured our hearts and souls into developing these products, ensuring that they meet our exacting standards of excellence. We're confident that our customers will appreciate the thought and care that has gone into every detail.

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