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Type of Job

Full Time

Project Manager - SCRUM Master

About the job

We are seeking a visionary SCRUM Master to lead multiple software development teams to greatness. You are an expert in the SDLC / Agile SCRUM, and your mastery of these methodologies will be put to the test as you guide your teams to success. You are the backbone of Agile, who can help the development teams to be more productive, and deliver the software on time. If you have Kanban experience, you'll be a step ahead of the competition, leading your teams to deliver the best software possible.


  • Computer Science, MIS, or Equivalent Bachelor's Degree 

  • 3+ Years of Professional/paid experience as SCRUM Master, Project manager

  • Experience managing multiple teams

  • Experience compiling performance reports of team velocity, focus factor, bandwidth, estimation accuracy

  • 1+ years Experience with JIRA

  •   Leadership: ability to lead and motivate a team

  • Communication: ability to clearly convey information and ideas both verbally and in writing

  • Planning and organizing: ability to plan and coordinate tasks and resources to achieve project goals

  • Problem solving: ability to identify and solve problems in a timely manner

  • Time management: ability to effectively manage and prioritize time

  • Adaptability: ability to adapt to changes in project scope, schedule, or resources

  • Risk management: ability to identify and mitigate potential project risks

  • Technical knowledge: understanding of the industry and technical aspects of the project.

  • Effective daily stand-up meetings (30 min or less per meeting)

  • Efficient in unblocking teams with necessary information from stakeholders

  • Risk management on potentially missed deadline

  • Team member assessment and performance reviews.

Bonus Skills:

  • PMP Certification

  • SCRUM Master Certification


  • Flexible Personal Time Off

  • Freedom of remote work

  • Education and learning budget

  • Guaranteed annual structured raise

Typical Day


  • Conduct 30-minute daily standup per team

  • What was accomplished yesterday?

  • What are you doing today?

  • Are you blocked?

  • Conduct performance review

  • Who is behind? Encourage them to catch up

  • Who is going to miss their deadline? Raise alarm to stakeholders. Begin risk management

  • Who will finish early

  • Who is underutilized

  • Followup with stakeholders about any blocking requirements for the team to remain productive

  • Make sure no step in Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are skipped


  • Compile performance reports for the VPE, CTO, Product Manager, and stakeholders

  • Highlights of what was accomplished last week

  • What deliverables can be expected next week

  • What is blocked and/or at potential risk of not being able to be delivered on time

  • Compile a team performance report

  • Who is on track

  • Who isn't on track and what they need to do to catch up before Monday morning


  • Compile Sprint Performance report to send to VPE/CTO

  • Conduct a Retrospective meeting with the team to compile lessons learned

  • Conduct Sprint Planning sessions with Product Managers

Success Looks Like This

  • All Team members operating at %65-%75 focus factor

  • Deadlines for deliverables are met

  • All Steps in Standard Operating Procedures are followed

  • Managers are all well informed about any risks to deliverables before deadlines are missed 

  • Continous improvement in the Culture and Processes of the teams

About us

Madain Corp is a software engineering and technical services company that has been in business for ever a decade. They specialize in helping businesses remove technical barriers and succeed by providing them with effective technology solutions. The company is known for using cutting-edge technology stacks that can scale and perform well as a business grows.


Madain Corp is a leader in the industry, with a track record of delivering high-quality products and services to its clients. The company has won numerous awards for its work and has been recognized by prominent publications such as, Forbes, TechCrunch, CNN, and Fox Business. Their team of experienced software engineers and technical professionals is dedicated to helping businesses succeed through the use of technology.



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