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Type of Job

Full Time

Customer Success

About the job

As a Customer Success Specialist, you'll be at the forefront of customer interaction. You’ll handle customer conversations, some phone calls, and logging/tracking customer tickets. Simultaneously, you’ll build and improve our customer experience to preemptively address customer concerns before they happen. You’ll accomplish this by developing a complete understanding of our platform and working closely with a team of awesome engineers, designers, sales, and marketing masters.


  • Exceptional communication skills: You understand that effective communication is about more than what you say, it’s about taking the time to listen and understand. You can make complicated concepts sound easy or describe in detail the simplest of interactions.

  • Like solving technical problems: You won’t need to know how to code, but terms like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript shouldn't be foreign to you. You can quickly learn complex procedures, troubleshoot potential bugs on the fly (pun intended), and visualize customers’ screens from their description alone.

  • An empathetic desire to help: For you, a new inquiry isn't just a case to close, but an opportunity to understand someone's story and make their life better.

  • Prior customer-facing experience: You must have experience working with customers, strong interpersonal skills that give you the ability to work with people with a variety of skill sets.

  • Can you make good choices that serve both the customer and the company? We need team members like you who are passionate about delighting and retaining customers.

  • You must have SAAS (Software as a Service) customer service experience.


  • Flexible Personal Time Off

  • Freedom of remote work

  • Education and learning budget

  • Guaranteed annual structured raise

Typical Day

  • Providing outstanding quality customer support with a high degree of customer satisfaction, proactive solutions, functional and technical expertise, as well as thorough and timely response to customers, via email and sometimes phone.

  • Performing excellent analysis, assessment, and troubleshooting with the ability to know when to escalate to higher-tier teams.

  • Achieving and maintaining proficiency with the capabilities of BuildFire’s platform as well as communicating system and software changes.

  • Developing and maintaining meaningful, customer relationships that people love.

  • Acting as primary contact for customers regarding technical and “how to” issues.

  • Assisting customers by providing training over the phone as needed and explaining additional functionalities that customers may not be currently using.

  • Documenting software defects and working with internal departments to escalate or resolve them.

  • Ask smart questions, take risks, and champion new ideas.

Success Looks Like This

  • Providing a close ear to customers to hear their concerns

  • Provide confidence to the customer that you will find a path forward

  • Follow up with customers

  • Being kind and understanding even when the answer is "No"

  • Prevent Customer Churn

  • Work towards a high NPS and customer delight 

About us

Madain Corp is a software engineering and technical services company that has been in business for ever a decade. They specialize in helping businesses remove technical barriers and succeed by providing them with effective technology solutions. The company is known for using cutting-edge technology stacks that can scale and perform well as a business grows.


Madain Corp is a leader in the industry, with a track record of delivering high-quality products and services to its clients. The company has won numerous awards for its work and has been recognized by prominent publications such as, Forbes, TechCrunch, CNN, and Fox Business. Their team of experienced software engineers and technical professionals is dedicated to helping businesses succeed through the use of technology.



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